Hybrid Events

The Importance of High-Quality Audio & Visuals

Virtual attendees need to feel like they are in-person. The best way to do this is to have a high-quality video, sound and multiple camera angles.

Virtual attendees need to feel as if they are right there in-person. The best way to do this is by offering not only a high-quality video and sound but also having multiple camera angles so that each attendee can view all aspects of the event. There are two ways you can produce a high-quality livestream:

Hire A Professional AV (Audio Visual) Producer
What You Will Get:

  • Simplicity and convenience. Let the professional worry about the livestream while you take care of the event.
  • Manages background music (how it impacts the sound for the virtual audience)
  • Manage all technical aspects of the event (lighting, sound, visuals)
  • Has multiple cameras to capture all angles
  • Use industry-standard tools and technology
  • Seamlessly transition between speakers, especially when transitioning from an in-person speaker to a virtual speaker
  • Not always necessary. We recommend this option for events that are primarily in-person, with virtual attendees.

Cost Per Event Session: $2000-$5000

Use An Innovative Product (like RECnGO)
What You Will Get:

  • No expensive equipment required: just use tablets, smartphones and microphone stands
  • Budget friendly
  • More professional looking broadcast than a single web cam
  • Add 'Lower Thirds' like text an logos to the stream
  • Edit video feed immediately (even during a live event)
  • Easily switch between up to 12 different camera angles
  • Add transition effects between video angles, or as effects between speakers
  • Use a team of volunteers to manage technical aspects

Cost Per Event Session: $99-$1200

Interested in hiring a producer? Email jon@buzzit.ca to get a recommendation for a professional producer

Don't Forget!
At all hybrid events, there are 4 things that are needed. Regardless of if you hire a professional producer or use a self service product.

  • Good Microphone
  • Strong Internet Connection
  • Backup Internet Connection
  • High-Quality Camera (Doesn't have to be expensive)
  • Good Lighting


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