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Event Live Streaming for Dummies

How to manage a live stream the easy way

Blog-Icons-BuzzIt (2)If you're planning a virtual or hybrid event but are unfamiliar with 'Live Streaming' we have good news! The webinar and video meeting tools you're already using actually double as the world's most popular live streaming studios, so you're 90% done already. The difference is that only you and your speakers will be "on the call," and attendees gather at the streaming location(s). The benefits are security, reach, and not needing to retrain speakers.

Live streaming is a three-part system that includes the studio, the broadcaster and the venue (for our customers, that's BuzzIt).

1. "The Studio" (AKA 'Backstage')Blog-Icons-BuzzIt (4)-1

Any streaming, webinar or video meeting app. 

This is where you and your speakers will gather to give talks, share screens to create the video 'stream.' Popular software includes Zoom, Google Meet, StreamYard, Restream, and OBS.

Speaker & Host Tips

  • Run your stream from the screen that holds your camera
  • Mute everything else, including BuzzIt

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2. "The Broadcaster" Blog-Icons-BuzzIt (5)-1

YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch or social media

Broadcasters carry the stream from your studio to your viewers. Any streaming studio can be 'plugged in' to any broadcaster by copying & pasting a stream key and URL.

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3. "The Venue" Blog-Icons-BuzzIt (9)

BuzzIt: where everyone gathers

Once you've plugged your studio into your broadcaster, copy the 'embed code' and paste it into the live stream panel on your BuzzIt page. Whether on desktop or mobile, attendees can watch the stream while checking out event info, profiles, chatting, asking questions and more.


  • Wondering where to find your 'embed code?' Here's the guide in our help section
  • Have two monitors? Open BuzzIt on one and use the "hide livestream" option so you can focus on the engagement features. Only one monitor? Open BuzzIt on your smart phone

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