Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events: What Are They & Why Bother?

After nearly two years of non-stop virtual events, many of us can't wait to return to in-person events. Why bother with Hybrid?

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid simply means that an event that has both online and in-person attendees. The most common format, 'Hybrid Classic,' looks like an in-person event but has a camera crew that captures and streams live video to remote attendees. (Find 5 more formats by downloading our whitepaper: "Hybrid's Not Hard")

Why Run a Hybrid Event? 

After nearly two years of non-stop virtual events, many of us can't wait to return to electricity of the in-person experience... so why bother with Hybrid? Why not stick with online-only & in-person-only events?

Two key factors are making savvy hosts invest in becoming Hybrid Event Experts:

  1. More Engaging for Online Attendees
    In-person events are simply more exciting than online events. And, so much of this energy can be captured by the livestream that it leads to a more engaging experience for remote attendees than the webinar formats that we've all grown tired of during the past two years.
  2. Adding Reach & Accessibility to In-Person Events
    Hosts, Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees are all looking to make new connections. By creating a quality online option, you amplify the impact & reach of your event for everyone on site, not only by allowing them to connect with people around the world, but also with those locals that would love to attend but simply can't be there, like working parents, entrepreneurs, commuters that got stuck in traffic, and people with health issues.

Why do you need a Hybrid Event Platform?

As networking pro Robbie Samuels likes to say, events are about both content and connections. A Livestream on it's own simply doesn't fit this definition. Viewers can see what's happening, but they can't interact or connect with the in-person participants. This lack of engagement can leave them feeling like 'second-class citizens,' which makes them likely to drop-off and unlikely to return for your next event.

How Can BuzzIt Help?

  1. Our software can be the connection point between your online & in-person attendees, and it's free for up to 150 attendees (create an event - no credit card required)
  2. Our CEO can help you plan a run-of-show that ensures remote attendee engagement (book a strategy session)
  3. You can download our whitepaper "Hybrid's Not Hard: 6 Simple Game Plans for Small Teams With Big Dreams"

How Can You Help?

Share your successes with the community!

  • On social media, mention @buzzitapp and use the hashtag #hybridsnothard
  • Connect with us directly if you have tips, tricks or successes that we can share on our blog or social media
  • Share our whitepaper and the fact that BuzzIt is free for up to 150 attendees with event hosts in your network

The BuzzIt team has become Hybrid Event experts, learn how to host each of the 6 hybrid event types, and our top tips here:


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