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Gameplan #2: After Party Hybrid

After two years of mainly virtual events, many of us can't wait to experience the electricity of the in-person experience... so why not plan separate in-person and online events?

Gameplan #2: After Party Hybrid

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Basic Setup:

  • Virtual Speakers & Hosts
  • Virtual Audience
  • A Livestream or Webinar Platform
  • An In-Person After Party at a Local Pub

Who This Works For and Why:

Locally focused organizations that want a strong speaker segment and the fun of an after-party without having to set up a venue.



Case In Point:

Startup Edmonton hosted a hybrid pitch event. The entire event was hosted virtually, for all presenters, judges, hosts, and attendees. What made this event hybrid? After the pitches were completed, there was an in-person event hosted at a local brewery.

How Startup Edmonton Hosted The Event:
  • 3-minute virtual pitches using Streamyard and YouTube
  • 2-minute virtual Q&A for each pitch using BuzzIt
  • Reservation at the local pub
    Provided after-party details to attendees, hosts, pitchers, etc.

Hybrid Friendly Features Used:

Did you know there are 5 more types of hybrid events?


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