Networking 101: 3 Tips for Purposeful Connections

Knowing how to network effectively is an important skill to have, whether you find talking to strangers easy or not. Read our 3 favourite networking tips:

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, it can be overwhelming to strike up a meaningful conversation in a room full of strangers. But with the right approach, networking effectively gets easier.


This is exactly what inspired the creation of BuzzIt, a tool with the goal of making it easy to start conversations and make connections at events.



Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Networking Tips:


  1. Networking is easy when you know your purpose.

  2. Engage with your surroundings during the event.

    1. While watching the speakers present you can listen to questions, and strike up conversations with your neighbours. During virtual events and live streams on BuzzIt, keep an eye on the Q&A board. As well, you can discover other attendees, interact with them, and create connections.

  3. Follow-up with other attendees or speakers, after the event.

    1. You likely can't speak to everyone you want to during the event. This is why BuzzIt’s permanent event page comes in handy.

    2. Use BuzzIt's speaker and attendee profiles to follow up with existing connections and create new ones!

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