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Just Launched: The BuzzIt Hybrid Event Platform!

Wondering how to make remote attendees NOT feel like second class citizens? Just Use BuzzIt.

In February 2020, we launched our in-person event networking product and thought nothing could slow us down.

The next month, COVID-19 taught us a tough lesson (OUCH)! But we saw it as an opportunity. People needed networking tools more than ever, so we focused on helping online event attendees create lasting connections.

Now that in-person events are making a comeback, it's time to bring both event worlds together in a single digital interaction space that's currently FREE for up to 150 attendees.


Born in the live environment and raised online, BuzzIt is:

  • The connection point between your on-site and remote attendees
  • An interaction tool for all participants: speakers, sponsors, hosts & attendees
  • How you can ensure remote attendees feel like active participants

Here's how it works:

  • On-site attendees join on their smartphones either by typing in your Event Key at buzzit.ca, scanning a QR code or just clicking a link (no one downloads anything)
  • Online attendees join via the same link, and their view of the platform includes your live video stream
  • You and your speakers use BuzzIt on stage for live interaction with all attendees

What's included?

  • A crowd-sourced Q&A board that makes it easy to find the most popular questions
  • Speaker & Sponsor profiles that can replace your paper or digital event programs
  • A central chat where everyone can cheer on and react to your Speakers
  • A 'People's Choice' voting system for events like Startup Pitch Competitions
  • Permanent access to attendee profiles with direct messaging so everyone has unlimited time to make connections

Why do you need a Hybrid Event Platform?

As networking pro Robbie Samuels likes to say, events are about both content and connections. A Livestream on its own simply doesn't fit this definition. Viewers can see what's happening, but they can't interact or connect with the in-person participants. This lack of engagement can leave them feeling like 'second-class citizens,' which makes them likely to drop off and unlikely to return for your next event.

How Can BuzzIt Help?

  1. Our software can be the connection point between your online & in-person attendees, and it's free for up to 150 attendees (create an event - no credit card required)
  2. Our CEO can help you plan a run-of-show that ensures remote attendee engagement, and introduce you to tested, talented Live Stream Producers (book a strategy session)
  3. You can download our whitepaper "Hybrid's Not Hard: 6 Simple Game Plans for Small Teams With Big Dreams"

We've Put Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Events In One Guide. Download it here:


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